April 25, 2023: "Transformational Technologies 2023" Speaker: Mr. Mark Heiman

March 28, 2023: "HIPAA & Dental Office Accounting Simplified" Speaker: Mr. Jay Malik

December 6, 2022: "Sedation in the Dental Office and Emergency Management Review" Speakers: Drs. Pfeffer and Lee

October 18, 2022: "Treatment of T.O.T.S. From Small to Tall." Speakers: Dr. Benjamin Dancygier, Dr. Julie Harris, Ms. Dianne Ryan

September 20, 2022: "Streamlined Workflows for Full Arch Implant Reconstruction" Speaker: Dr. Matthew Clark

June 7, 2022: "Dental Practice Transitions: What are the options?"  Speaker: Mr. Gary Sastow

April 26, 2022: "Maxillofacial Surgical Pathology and Reconstruction"  Speaker: Dr. Jeffrey Valenti

November 16, 2021: "Periodontal Disease: Diagnosis and Therapeutic Intervention"  Speaker: Dr. Dale Rosenbach

February 18, 2020 "Can We Save Them All?" Speaker: Dr. Hossein Moosavi

January 14,2020 "401K Plans: Prudent Practices for Plan Fiduciaries with Legal and Ethical Requirements for Running a Dental Practice" Speaker: Mr. Jesse Frehling

December 3, 2019 "Timely Orthodontic Evaluations" Speaker: Dr. Anthony Bonavoglia

November 19, 2019 "An Update on the New Ceramic Material; Clinical Managment and Cementation" Speaker: Dr. Mark Pitel

October 15, 2019 "Tips and Tricks for the "All-on-Six" of the Hopeless Maxilla" Speaker: Dr. Anthony DelVecchio

September 17, 2019 " Removable and Fixed Prosthodontic Concepts: An Overview and Modern Approach" speaker: Dr. Michael Christian

June 18, 2019 "Adhesion and Cementation- Caveats and Clinical Concerns" Speaker: Gregor Connell

May 14, 2019 “Frontier Implant Dentistry: Socket Shielding and Densah Burs”  Speaker: Dr. Dale Rosenbach

March 19, 2019 "New Developments in Pediatric Pulp Therapy” Speaker: Dr. Minerva Patel

February 26, 2019  “DSO/Corporate Dentistry Legal Aspects: Pulling Back the Curtain” Speaker: Gary Baumwoll, ESQ.

January 22, 2019  “Implant Restoration from Simple to Complex, Challenges and Solutions” Speaker: Dr. Leonard B. Kobren

December 11, 2018  “Non -Odontogenic Toothaches” Speaker: Daisy Lee, DMD

Novembe 13, 2018 “Contemporary Management of Oral Cancer” Speaker: Haitham Al -Shetawi, DMD, MD

October 23, 2018 “Simple Socket Surgery” Speaker: Robert M. Bagoff, DMD

September 25, 2018: Dr Mahnaz Fatahzadeh "Detrimental Effects of Substance Abuse on Health"

June 2018: Gregory Tapfar "Solving the Mystery of Practice Transition"

May 15, 2018: Dr. Justin Kang "Esthetic Anaylsis and Crown Lengthening."

March 13, 2018: Dr. Jennifer Blair- Payami " Conservative Caries Management for Pediatric Patients"

February 13, 2018: Dr. Denise Trochesset " Common Oral Mucosal Lesions in Children and Adults"

January 9, 2018: Dr. Brijesh Chandwani " Differential Diagnosis Temporomandibular Disorders and Facial Pain Disorders"

December 12, 2017: Dr. Raid Sadda "Dental Implant Surgery Complications and Failure: Etiology, Avoidance and Management."

November 14, 2017: Dr. Robert Cross "Soft and Hard Tissue Grafting"

October 10, 2017: Robert Shoemaker "Email Security and HIPPA Compliance: Phising and how not to get caught"

September 19, 2017: Dr. Edward Miller "Spread of Odontogenic infections, A review."

May 16, 2017 Dr. Kenneth Ligner  "Lyme Disease"

April 25, 2017  Dr. Ira R. Titunik, ABFO  "Introduction to Forensic Dentistry."

April 5, 2017: Dr. Arthur Volker  "Minimal Intervention, Maximal Outcomes, The use of minimally invasive dentistry to maximize esthetics and funtional outomes.

February 21, 2017 Leora Walter, D.D.S. "Treatment of the Worn Dentition."

January 10, 2017 David Zelig, D.D.S. "Facial Reconstruction Utilizing Advanced Digital Treatment Planning."

December 13, 2016: Dr. Joe Oxman "Dentistry 2030 and Curing light Complexities"

November 15, 2016: Dr. Dale Rosenbach "Surgical Objectives of Esthetic Dentistry"

October 18, 2016: Dr. Michael Brisman "Trigeminal Neuralgia"

September 20, 2016 Ed Feinberg, D.M.D. "Splinting and Cantilevers."

June 21, 2016  Ed Feinberg D.M.D  "Treating Teeth With Insufficient Clinical Crowns"

May 17, 2016: Dr. Benedict Miraglia " Invisalign's Role in Comprehensive Dentistry"

March 8, 2016 Gregory R. Tapfar, ESQ, "Dental Practices from Start to Finish."

February 9, 2016 John Carpenter, DMD, "Implant Associated Removable Partials"

January 12, 2016 Dr. Joseph Blondin, "Cone Beam Technology in Endodontics."

December 8, 2015 Dr. Michael Tischler, "The Full Arch Zirconia Implant Bridge: Guided and Non Guided Surgical Options"

November 17, 2015 Dr. Janet Levine, "Diagnosis & Treatment of TMD From a Neuromuscular Perspective."

October 13, 2015  Dr. Dale Rosenbach, "Atraumatic Exodontia: Principles, Concepts, and Techniques."

September 8, 2015  Dr. Leora Walter, "Ceramics, the Where and Why."

June 9, 2015 Dr. Ken Solomon, "Chiropractic Care of the TMD Patient".

May 19, 2015 Dr. Ellen Eisenberg, "A Contemporary Approach to Oral Cancer and Precancer."

April 14, 2015 Dr. Barry Glaser, "Clear Aligner Therapy, Interdisciplinary Management of Anterior Teeth: The Orthodontist's Perspective".

March 20, 2015 Dr. Joyce Basset, "Real World Cosmetic Dentistry: Faults, Failures & Fixes."

February 10, 2015 Dr. Ali Payami, "Techniques for Management of Vertical and Horizontal Deficciencies of the Alveolar Ridge for Implant Placement."

January 13, 2015 Dr. Tatiana Barton, "The Dental Professional's Role in Managing the Patient with Diabetes."

December 9, 2014 Dr. Barry N. Chase, "Dental Sleep Medicine: Airway Centric Thinking".

October 21, 2014 Lance R. Plunkett, J.D., LL.M, “Practicing Paperless: HIPPA Regulations, E Mail, Correspondence, Mandatory Electronic Prescriptions and More!
Click to download the Mandatory Electronic Prescribing Powerpoint

September 16, 2014 Dale Rosenbach, D.M.D., M.S., “What you need to know about anterior implants”

June 10, 2014. Philip Mollica, MS, DMD, NMD, "Ozone Therapy in Dentistry: A New Paradigm"

May 20, 2014. Bruce Freund, D.D.S, "The Next Revolution in Dentistry...Facial Fillers and Neurotoxins"

April 22, 2014. Bob Paragament, CPH, "Understanding Hypnosis for Patient and Practitioner Relaxation"

March 11, 2014. Robert Perri, D.D.S., "Orthodontic Diagnosis for the General Dentist"

February 11, 2014. Brian Kantor, D.D.S., "Taking Porcelain Veneers to the Next Level"

January 28, 2014. Jeffery Ginsberg, D.M.D., "Pediatric Dentistry: Let's Get Back to Basics"

December 10, 2013. Victor Sternberg, D.M.D., "Yes We Still Have Teeth"

November 12, 2013. Dean Vafiadis, D.D.S., "CAD/CAM Restorations for Private Practice"

October 15, 2013. Bridget M. Ferguson, D.D.S., "Perioperative Management of the Female Patient"

September 17, 2013. Joseph G. Comizio, D.D.S., "Reaching Maximum and Restorative Potential With Adjunctive Orthodontics"

June 18, 2013. Leonard Kobren, D.D.S., "Implant Restorations in the Esthetic Zone"

May 14, 2013. Anthony Pavone, D.D.S., "Virtual Corrective Jaw Surgery: Improving Treatment Planning and Surgical Outcomes for Patients with Functional Skeletal Discrepancies"

April 23, 2013. Steven Syrop, D.D.S., "Mastering the Basics of TMD"

March 20, 2013. All-Day Seminar. Dr. Ron Jackson, D.D.S., F.A.C.D., F.A.G.D., F.A.A.C.D. "Esthetic Alternatives to Amalgam - Contemporary Materials and Techniques"

March 12, 2013. Lance Plunkett, J.D., L.L.M., General Counsel for NYSDA "Mandatory Electronic Prescribing is Coming: Are You Ready"

February 12, 2013. A Panel Discussion Featuring: Drs. Anthony Bonavoglia, Kelly Walters, and John Bibko "The use of Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADS) in Orthodontics: An Overview and Case Presentations"

January 22, 2013. Robert A. Rosenfeld Esq "How to Avoid Legal Action in Today's Dental Practice"

December 11, 2012. Larry Borman "Maximizing Esthetic Results by Utilizing Ceramic Enhancements and No-Prep Techniques for Porcelain Veneers"

November 13, 2012. Benjamin Dancygier, D.D.S. "Dental Management of Sports Related Injuries"

October 16, 2012. Justin Kolnick, D.D.S. "When Endodontic Treatment Fails"

September 18, 2012. Bruce D'Innocenzo "Maximize Strength Factors with Captek Crowns and Bridges and Restorations Over Implants"

June 19, 2012. Charles R. Braga, D.M.D., MMSc. "LANAP and Lasers in Dentistry: On the Frontier of 21st Century Periodontal Therapy"

May 15, 2012. Edward Feinberg, D.M.D. "Osseous Surgical Techniques for Full Coverage Restorations"

April 17, 2012. Cheryl Stolarski, D.M.D., Denise Egan, M.P.H., Serene Mastianni, R.P.H."A New Era in Dentistry: HIV Screening in the Dental Chair"

March 21, 2012. All-Day Seminar. Dr. Michael Miyasaki "The Dental Tsunami Comes to the East Coast"

March 13, 2012. Richard Horowitz, M.D. "Update of Current Lyme Disease Treatments and the Use of Oral Supplements in Long Term Therapy"

February 21, 2012. John Sorrentino, D.M.D., F.A.G.D. "Modern Diets and Their Roles in Caries, Periodontitis and Malocclusion"

January 17, 2012. David J. Weinreich, M.D., F.A.C.C. "Advances in the Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease"

December 13, 2011. Leonard Patella, D.D.S. "Digital Dentistry - An Overview"

November 15, 2011. Frederick Marra, D.M.D., M.A.G.D. "The Future of Dental Imaging, and the Benefits of Cone Beam Imaging Technology in Today's Dental Practice"

October 18, 2011. Stanley M. Kerpel, D.D.S. "Oral Cancer: What We Need To Know"

September 20, 2011. Van Thompson, D.D.S., Ph.D. "Early Caries and Dentin Caries Activity: What is Happening in All-Ceramic Resorations"

June 21, 2011. E. Oscar Alleyne, D.P.H. and S. Rana Ali, M.B.B.S., M.S., M.P.H. "The Epidemiology of Outbreak Investigations (namely Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B and C, HIV) and its Implications in Dental Care Settings"

May 17, 2011. Neal Riesner, D.D.S. "Bite Marks in Forensic Dentistry"

April 26, 2011. Jon A. Ruel, D.M.D., M.Sc.D. "The Team Approach To Implant Dentistry"

April 13, 2011. All Day Seminar. Drs. Richard and David Madow "Love Dentistry, Have Fun and Prosper!"

March 15, 2011. Ajamu James Ayinde, M.A., A.C.H. "Hypnodontics: Hypnosis and Its Uses in Dentistry"

February 15, 2011. Minerva Patel, D.D.S., D.A.B.P.D. "Caries Counseling and Prevention Techniques for the Pediatric Dentist"

January 18, 2011. Julie Abrahamson, D.D.S. "Essentials of Crown and Bridge: The Double Cord Impression Technique"

December 21, 2010. C. Ranjan Nath, MD, FACP, FACE, FRCPC "Obesity/Metabolic Syndrome/Diabetes Mellitus"

November 16, 2010. Nelson Silva, D.D.S., Ph.D. "Update of Resin Based Composite, Dentin Bonding and Engineering Tissue Response"

October 19, 2010. Janet S. Levine, DMD. "The Diagnosis and Treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMD) - A Neuromuscular Perspective."

September 21, 2010. Jeffery M. Dolgos, D.D.S., F.A.G.D. "Laser-ANAP(R) - Exploring a New Frontier in the Treatment of Periodontitis"

June 22, 2010. Edward Feinberg, DMD. "The Precision Attachment Case: Restorations for Natural Teeth and Implants".

May 18, 2010. Leonard Linkow, DDS, DMSc. "50 Years of doing Implant Dentistry".

April 20, 2010. Martin Mattler and Gregory Tapfar, Esq.. "The Legal and Business Aspects of Practice Transitions"

April 7, 2010. All Day Seminar. Ron Kaminer, DDS and James Jesse, DDS. "21st Century Dentistry: High Tech, High Class, Minimally Invasive Dentistry for the Next Decade".

March 16, 2010. Maryann Lehmann, DDS. "Tooth Shade Determination for the 21st Century, Using the Crystaleye by Olympus".

February 16, 2010. Gregory Chotkowski, DMD. "Stem Cells: Sources, Therapies and the Dental Professional".

January 19, 2010. Anthony Alessi, DMD, MD. "Facial Plastic Surgery"

December, 2009. Mark Coffiner, DDS. "Eclectic Endodontics – 2009"

November, 2009. Charles Kaner, DDS. "Surgical Corrections of Aesthetic Nghtmares."

October 20, 2009. Kay T. Owen, D.D.S. "Contemporary Detection and Management of Dental Caries".

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