The Dutchess County Dental Society is a Branch of the Ninth District Dental Association, which is itself a component of the New York State Dental Association, a constituent of the American Dental Association. For the dentists of Dutchess County, NY, it is the local level expression of the great overall organization that represents and supports the profession of dentistry in the United States.

The Dutchess County Dental Society, whose members are the dentists who live and/or practice in Dutchess County, was formally chartered in 1975. Prior to that, our members gathered in smaller study groups for mutual support and education. It was seen that bringing us all together under one organizational umbrella would make it possible for us to be more effective. And so it was done.

In 2002, the Dutchess County Dental Society gained its official designation as a Branch of the Ninth District Dental Association. Thus was formed a close and valuable partnership for the mutual benefit of Dutchess County dentists and our parent organization. All our members are also members of our three parent Associations.

The objective of the Society is to enable its members to advance in their profession through study and research; to promote community responsibility and good fellowship; to create a forum for the discussion of issues facing the profession of dentistry, to represent the interests of the dentists of Dutchess County, and to otherwise provide for the needs of the membership.

The Society functions through well attended monthly meetings and all-day events featuring excellent speakers and clinicians bringing the latest in dental education and technology for our members` interest and growth. Additionally, the Society sponsors events of a purely social nature, just for the fun and camaraderie of it, and maintains other programs for our members` benefit.

Our Executive Board is the managing and administrative arm of the Society and, through its committees and programs, operates the Society in pursuit of our objectives. Currently, the operating committees are:

Audio / Visual Committee 

Bulletin Committee

Community Outreach Committee

DCDS Players Committee 

Helping Hand Partnership Committee 

Major CE / All Day Seminar Committee

Member Benefits Committee 

Membership Committee 

9th District Board of Governors

9th District Past President 

Nominating Committee 

Program Committee

Science Fair Judging Committee 

Social Events Committee 

Treasury Committee

Website Committee 

Schools / National Children's Dental Health Month Committee

Additionally, there is a Steward who manages the monthly general membership meeting arrangements.

As a Branch of the Ninth District Dental Association, we maintain close relationships with the Ninth and participate on its Board of Governors, its Executive Committee and its operating committees. Our members also serve on Councils of the New York State Dental Association. We are an active and sometimes passionate advocate for ideas, processes and legislation that we believe to be in the best interests of dentistry in general and our members in particular. We believe that with all of us working together within the structures, we can do great things.

Questions about the Dutchess County Dental Society may be directed through other links on this site and by contacting us directly by using the Contact Us link. That link creates e-mail, which is monitored and will be answered promptly.

Please explore our site and if you think of something you believe should be added, please let us know.

Mailing Address for New Member Applications:


PO Box 3748

Poughkeepsie, NV 11603

General Membership Meetings 2023/2024

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December 5, 2023

April 9, 2024

June 11, 2024