Operating Committees of the Dutchess County Dental Society


Immediate past president, Program and Nominating Committee: Dr. Bo Paunovic 

Membership Committee. Chairman: Dr. Michael Smith

Treasury Committee. Chairman: Dr. Rich Rosenbloom

Bulletin Committee. Chairman and Editor: Dr. Erin Prunty

Web Site Committee. Chairman/Content Manager: Dr. Tamara Kroboth

Dutchess County Science Fair Committee. Chairman: Dr. Kelly Walters

Helping Hand Partnership Committee. Chairman: Dr. John Costello. Panel Coordinator: Dr. Ed Riggins

Hall of Fame Committee. Chairman: Dr. Irv Baum

Social Events Committee. Chairman: Dr. Erin Prunty

Dutchess County Community Outreach and Support Committee. Chairman: Dr. John Costello

Dutchess County Dental Society Players. Chairman: Dr. Thomas Bloom. Director: Dr. Lina Angiolillo

Audio-Visual Committee. Chairman/Manager: Dr. Chris Wilantewicz

E-Mail Correspondent for the Society: DCDSNY@GMAIL.COM