Officers and Executive Board 2017-2018

President: Dr. Joseph Blondin

Vice President: Dr. Tamara Kroboth

Corresponding Secretary: Dr. Michael J. Schwartz

Recording Secretary: Dr. Ali Payami

Treasurer: Dr. Rich Rosenbloom

Immediate Past President/Program Chairman/Nominating Committee Chairman: Dr. Erin Prunty

Membership Chairman: Dr. Michael Smith

Bulletin Committee Chairman/Editor: Dr. Lina Angiolillo

Steward: Dr. Louise Dewhirst

9th District BOG: Dr. Erin Prunty and Dr. Michael Smith

Members at Large: Dr. Bo Paunovic, Dr. Seheui Jo, Dr. Edward Riggins

Ninth District Past Presidents: Dr. Frank Vigliotti



Please click HERE for a link to the 9th District Dental Association's current Officers and Board Members