Member Benefits

Web Site: Few local or Branch societies have a web site. The DCDS does and it is a great source of convenient, up-to-date information.

Bulletin: The Bulletin of the Dutchess County Dental Society is published monthly except July and August. The enhanced Bulletin is delivered by e-mail attachment directly to our members’ e-mail addresses.

Connection to the Greater World of Dentistry: The DCDS maintains constant contact with dental leadership at the District and state levels and participates in the decision-making that affects our members. Legislative actions are monitored and information brought to our members as necessary.

Digital X-ray Sensors and Software: Savings of $3,500 or more on Digital X-ray sensors and Software from one of the direct manufacturers known as Sigma Biomedics and Apteryxware software. They are the manufacturers of XRAY VISION and VISION LITE Software. Companies such as SUNI, LIGHTYEAR, and others buy their sensors and software from them. They also bridge to all software by programs they write known as Name Grabber. See their web sites: < > and <>. If interested, e-mail Member Benefits Chairman Dr.Mark Mason at <> and your request will be directed to the right person to get you going.

Disability, Accident and Cancer Insurance: Mark Klein Insurance Advisory Services is offering Disability, Accident and Cancer Insurance coverage programs with highly competitive premiums and coverage for Dutchess County Dental Society members and their families. Complete information, including premiums, is available by calling the Mark Klein Agency at 845-896-4803.

Group Insurance Discounts:  The Kallman Insurance Agency is offering special group insurance discounts to the members and employees of the Dutchess County Dental Society for home or auto insurance. To find out more about this member benefit, call Kallman Insurance at 845-454-2493, extension 100, or e-mail <>.

Amalgam Separators:   Information about simple, inexpensive amalgam separators, as required for most NYS dental offices by May 12, 2008, is available at <> or by calling 800-816-4995. They offer significant savings over other separator installations and relatively easy, inexpensive maintenance.

Collection Agency:   As a leading collection company, Eastern Account System will provide you with a customized collection program that best meets your office's needs. With over a quarter of a century history of successful collection and cost control, they work with companies in the medical field, cable and entertainment, and other major industries. They will develop a comprehensive program for you designed to turn uncollected payments into hard dollars. Their special discounted rate is 25% for DCDS members. The Representative for the DCDS is Matthew Schuster at 800-750-6343; Ext. 218. More information is available at <>.

X-Ray Inspection:  contact Terence Terilli at  or 914-844-8283 for a 10% courtesy to Dutchess County Dental Society members.