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The Dutchess County Dental Society is an organization for Dutchess County Dentists, committed to continuing education and the advancement of current dental knowledge.


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Volunteers needed for Dutchess County 2019 Special Olympics Summer Games Scheduled for Saturday, June 15, 2019! 

One of Special Olympics of New York (SONY) newest initiatives is to request the host county to assist with staffing a health tent for the athletes. The major objectives are to provide access to health care (focus on screening and connections for follow up care); creating an opportunity for healthcare providers to work together in a holistic approach; and to invite healthcare providers and students to gain experience in assessing and treating individuals with intellectual disabilities.


The 6 specialty areas we are specifically recruiting for:

  1. Fit Feet (Podiatry)
  2. FUN Fitness (Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers)
  3. Healthy Hearing (Audiology, Speech Language Pathology)
  4. Opening Eyes (Ophthalmology)
  5. Special Smiles (Dentistry)
  6. Strong Minds (Social Workers, Psychologists, Psychiatrists)
  7. Health Promotion (Registered Nurses, Nutritionists)

The specialty or specialist noted in parenthesis is not all inclusive, just examples.

Please volunteer for the Special Olympics Health Tent!


Place: Vassar College Campus

Time: 4:30 pm-10 pm

Please contact Cathi Tegtmeier at 845-486-3552 or her assistant, Jenean Williams-Green at 845-486-3527