Mission Statement

The Dutchess County Dental Society is an organization for Dutchess County Dentists, committed to continuing education and the advancement of current dental knowledge.


Current Events and Most Recent News

  • Dutchess Count Dental Society donated to several worthy local organizations.  We received these awesome thank you letters!

  • Please check your email from the 9th District Dental Association looking for volunteers for their upcoming event: Veterans Day Smile November 8th, 2018.  If interested, please call or email noted below.  

    VETERANS SMILE DAY - Thursday, November 8, 2018
    As a Trustee of the New York State Dental Foundation that has been promoting this program and following its three-year progress across New York State, the venues that are having the best success with the least risk of not meeting the dental needs of Veterans participating in the event have been hospital and dental school programs.  For this reason the Ninth District Dental Association is teaming up with Touro College of Dental Medicine for this year’s event on Thursday November 8, 2018 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. located at 19 Skyline Dr., Hawthorne, NY.  Fifty chairs have been dedicated on an hourly basis to see Veterans and their families.
    The school has asked us for volunteer dentists and the Ninth District volunteers are being asked to assist the students with exams, x-rays, a prophylaxis, and treatment planning cases.  Treatment planning is where the third-year students will need the most mentoring from our members as to what treatment options are available and how they might be sequenced.  Most important for all to remember is taking part in this event shows our profession’s gratitude for the service and sacrifice the Veterans and their families have made in safeguarding our country and the liberties we all enjoy.
    Please consider taking part in this most important day.  There will be several local politicians attending, as well as news media and you will have a chance to see the new school with all the latest technology while setting an example for future dentists on giving back to our communities.
    Contact the Ninth District Dental Association at 914-747-1199 or stephan@ninthdistrict.org to volunteer or if you have any questions.
    Carl H. Tegtmeier, D.M.D.
    Chair, Dental Health Planning and Hospital Dentistry Committee
    Trustee, New York State Dental Foundation
  • One of our own, Dr. Irving Baum, has written an article on The Dutchess County Players - an amazing outreach program for school children.  Read the article HERE.
  • EPA postpones amalgam separator rule (May 21, 2015, ADA News)
  • NYSDA Successful in Delaying Implementation of Mandatory e-Prescribing (March 16, 2015, NYSDA)